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Work in Progress/Projects
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USMC special operations
1990s-Early 2000s SEALs
Syrian Civil War [Update 5-24]
New Iraqi Army Police unit
Some new S&S stuff
Underfire Chechen & Russians
T-72B for early Chechnya
Russian Army Platoon, Chechnya: 1994-95
Abrams TUSK Project [Feb 27 update!]
Italeri Hawk mk100 1/72 new updated 22/02/2013
S&S and Revell T-80 comparison
Some WIP!
Female figure from Caesar Modern Militia set
A look at what is on the workbench [Update 1/26/13]
BMD-2 - ACE Models 1/72
BREM-2 - ACE Models 1/72
T-72B - ACE Models 1/72
Can you tell what it is yet??
VDV Recon platoon
Russian Federals in digital camo
BMP-T Terminator - Cromwell Models 1/72
BTR-80 - Trumpeter 1/72
1V-14 - MMS 1/72
T-90 MS - Cromwell models 1/72
ZSU 23-4 - Cromwell Models 1/76
MT-LBM 6M3 Scorpion - ACE Models 1/72
SNAR-10 - ACE Models 1/72
Ural 4320 Comparison of AER vs ICM 1/72
D-30 - Military wheels 1/72
2A45M SPRUT-B - Military Wheels 1/72
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