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Worldwide Armies/Special Forces
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Trumpeter Challenger.
D12... Converted Caesar SpecOps operator - update
Barricades, rubbles... Update
Caesar SAS operators - Update
rubbles - hot spots
sniper in ghillie suit
Modern vehicles as sci-fi
More modern French
Trumpeter Chinese T-59 MBT 1/72.
Russian T-90A MBT Tamanskaya MRB 2010 (Model Collect 1/72)
Kazakhstan TOS-1A w/T-90 chassis (Model Collect 1/72)
Spetsnaz Counter Terrorist Unit
German armoured infantry / modern deutcshe panzergrenadiere
SAS operators
US Navy Buckeye 1/72
Man LKW 7t. 6x6 ( revell 1/72e)
Russian T90 (Ace 1/72e )
US M119 Howitzer 1/76
Late 1980's JGSDF
Trumpeter Swedish Tank Strv103B MBT
Revell Warrior MCV 1/72
Bedford MK - JB Models 1/76
Navy Seals (caesar 1/72e)
Spanish army M113 (Trumpeter)
Russian special troops Spetsnatz battlefield 3
Italeri Pakistani F104 starfighter 1/72.
Trumpeter British AS90 SPG
U.S stryker (academy & forces of valor bravo team)
u.s infanterie (revell)
GIGN - French special operations unit
The escort
varsaw pact troops (esci)
modern US elite force (caesar )
german sniper KSK (revell)
new figures :Milices / insurgés / terrorists (caesar 1/72e)
S.O.R.T. operator in NBC suit
Russian BTR-60 P / ICM 1/72
Scorpion (FV 101) - CMSC Models 1/76
Trojan APC (FV 432) - Cromwell Models 1/76
Sultan Command vehicle (FV 105) - Cromwell Models 1/76
Warrior IFV (MCV-80) - Revell 1/72
AH-64 Apache Longbow - Italeri 1/72
SA330 Puma - Airfix 1/72
Westland Gazelle AH1 - Airfix 1/72
Bedford MK tactical aircraft refueller - JB models 1/76
Abbot SPG (FV433) - Cromwell 1/76
Chieftain ARRV (FV4204) - Cromwell 1/72
CET (Cobmat Engineer Tractor FV180) - S&S Models 1/72
Scimitar (FV 107) - Cromwell Models 1/76
Tracked Rapier - Cromwell Models 1/76
Spartan APC (FV103) - Cromwell 1/76
Challenger 1 (FV4030/4) - Revell 1/72
British Infantry
GAZ-39371 Vodnik - GRAN Models 1/72
GAZ-39371 Vodnik - GRAN Models 1/72
Royal Netherlands Army Squad
NATO Barret Sniper Team
Deployment (Modern US Army)
Modern JGSDF
Caesar Modern British
Esci Modern NATO Troops
Revell Modern British Army
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